Saturday, 13 August 2011


All the works of nature not withstanding
There is none ever as astounding
As the magnificence of the sun rising
The subtle tussle of the night giving in to day
The sheer wonder of rays tearing the dark away
In graceful strength and beautiful majesty
The sun stirs up all and sundry

Like a perfect symphony of an orchestra
So is nature’s daily mantra
First, the realization that the day is finally here
Then, the slow change of laze into an activity flare
With a gradual warming of the crisp morning air
As life resumes in the new day’s allure

Only in the pristine times of a morning
Is there embedded the epiphany of a chance at redoing
A perfect therapy for life’s past and painful misgivings
The end of nightmares and last night’s worrying
Perhaps a restart in the habits of hope and believing
Merged with a novel plan in the art of living
One thing however stays in remembering
The present is given in exquisite bow and wrapping
None else: but that of the marvel of the sun rising

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