Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Peeling Back the Mask of a New Blog

That 'Peeling Back The Mask' title by double 'M' couldn't have been more efficient. Exactly one year ago, the Bush Doctor’s cave was discovered. A random medical student set down to painting its walls with his stories: an art, as he had found out, called blogging. In the humble confines of his hostel room, he attempted to contort his naïve command of language into sentiments of humor. One year down the line he finds himself in yet another moment of introspection- one that leads to embracing change.

I would like to thank all those who visit this blog. Because of you, my writing ego has gained some imaginary weight. I am sincerely grateful to the two or so loyal fans. You people are just too awesome. You were there when a writer’s block got the better of me, waiting for me to smash through it. The characters who helped me write my stories and experiences, no bad feelings right? I do not know if I changed any lives from this, but if I did, I'm grateful for having the chance to. To the woman of my heart; I may have been a douche while I was preoccupied with writing here or elsewhere. The bottom line is, I may love writing: but I love you more.

Now to the core of the matter- I am changing my address. I decided to move to Wordpress, venture into the unknown. I’d say the grass is greener… but then I am no herbivore, neither does grass fall in my list of dietary preferences. Anyhow, the new blog is called Thoughts of A Kenyan Medic. You are cordially invited to visit and take a peek. I promise to post as often as possible (so help me God). Again, thanks to all of you- all four of you. Really looking forward to seeing you on the other side. :-)


  1. hehe.,,We are the ones to be
    greatful, for u gave us an
    insight to how medicine too can
    be humorous!:)...One year down n
    tht student covered
    'TheBushDoctorsCave' wth
    exemplary literal works!*PROUD
    OF U!!*waiting on 'the thoughts
    of a kenyan medic' to make ths
    year indeliblily humorous;}

  2. *Smarting back balancing tears*
    *muttering the words "abandonment" and "turncoat"*
    *clears throat*
    Okay! Wordpress it is then!

  3. thanks for sharing.


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