Saturday, 6 August 2011


This homely feeling
Is more than healing
After a period of tough testing
With moments that left me weak
I drift off in search of solace
My conscience retires to the bush doctors premise
Rummaging through all my paraphernalia
In search of a strong cure
The perfect elixir
One strong and potent mixture
Of love and family in delicate proportion
A mild sweet and perfect concoction
To cure me of weary emotions

I drink it to all I hold close
Not only by blood
Also by love the strongest bond
Those who make me fly when I feel like falling
Those who make me walk when I feel like stopping
Those I'm here for, my life's meaning
Those who keep me close when I want to be alone
Those who stand by when the whole world is gone
As I take a gulp after another
I realise this, that and the other
This is what I am because of them
That I would give the world and more for them
Other things never matter if they are not about them

I take a sip to the times we fight
When anger takes over and with it spite
The special memories when everything feels alright
The golden moments and priceless heights
To the darkness behind we want to forget
And the splendid future we aspire to get

The last swing is even more to the person of my dreams
The apple of my eye, alone I'm blind
My thumping heart, alone I'm lifeless
Its for her that life teaches me love lessons
And with her that learning them feels beautiful
She is a gift forged from heavenly treasures
And if fate has it that I am most deserving
Then my gratitude knows no bounds
For with her the beauty of life is ever beyond words.

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