Friday, 6 April 2012


It’s crystal clear that April is finally here, and with it, presumably the longest weekend of the year- Easter. Before I disclose my thoughts on April, let me recap a bit on March. March was the month of new things: a new rotation, new medical information, new experimentation… and a demonstration. As you might have picked from the last blog, surgery was the new rotation,. The rest is blah blah blah until the moment to remember; the new demonstration.

Well, a couple of our older brothers and sisters in the medics fraternity were unsatisfied by the terms and conditions offered by a health ministry crippled with rickets and severe cretinism. The precipitating factor for the demonstration was perhaps acute deafness from those who manage it. So the family had to get together and act, for our rights, and more for the rights of the Kenyan patient. The whole affair was a great success. It is what happened during and after that got me in kicks.

For some, it was the fun of walking along the major streets of the city in solidarity with the other aggrieved. The songs that were sung, the slogans that were written on the hand held boards: one even asking an individual from the health ministry whether medics should go on a diet of rats or something. The highlight of all was the response from the school’s administration after most students abandoned ship for a day. They alluded to an African proverb, something about medicine being a noble profession; a bath which we have already stripped for and we are too far in it to start complaining. I choose not to comment over the matter. Far as I'm concerned though, if the bath is too cold: you don’t quietly bath yourself into hypothermia or pneumonia while you can easily turn up the heat. That was my march with March ergo; I’ll digress to April.

Fools day was rather boring. It was on a Sunday, the foolish-sphere was under heavy heavenly surveillance I presume. I hope it lands on a Monday next year. I'm already imagining a patient playing a sick joke on an unsuspecting doctor. Oh, the irony. Then there is the April cold. This sudden change of weather got me thinking that the global thermostat had broken down or something. A week down the line and I think the cold means business. In fact, I’m barely able to type this.

Well, the cold carries with it some implications. Other than the fact that respiratory infections are on an all time high already, it marks the start of the mating season. I will give you the reasons in an order of most to least importance. One is the need for warmth; that’s where the bachelor envies the married man. The latter has someone to keep his lair warm. Secondly, people would rather stay indoors and avoid the cold outside. They will try and figure out several ways of having fun indoors and guess what will be at the top of the list (pervert’s trap). Last, the rate of spermatogenesis increases exponentially with the cold. If you don’t believe me, stay observant till late August to early December and notice the abrupt rise in the number of abdominally inflated females.

Last is Easter. The good book says that one man subjected himself to severe trauma and death for all to be forgiven. Whether it happened around this time or not, that is still under question. The main lesson here is that of sacrifice and forgiveness. On that note, thank you for sacrificing your time for reading this blog. I hope you forgive all your haters and love everyone else during this season and after. Take good care of thyself as you go about your celebrations.

As for me, ideally; I would be scrubbing into my kitchen in readiness for the debridement of my Good Friday chicken. In related news, someone please turn up the thermostat, it’s taking too damn long to boil them Easter eggs.

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