Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Dear Almighty,

It's been quite a long while since we talked. I know it is entirely my fault. I hereby ask for your never ending forgiveness. I think I should start by saying a big THANK YOU for all your great works. And indeed, they are numerous. On the sixth day for instance, all the credit goes to you for creating employment for all medical personnel. Other works include helping us to get by medical school much as studying there sometimes practically translates to student + dying. My gratitude to you is immeasurable. Today however, I have several issues I need to bring to your attention.

Now that the pre clinical years are gone, the climb uphill just got steeper. This means I no longer deal with books only, but now more directly with those you require of me to help, and those who you have put to teach me. I therefore ask four things from you as I embark on my clerkship next year onwards.

Keep me safe from all nosocomial infections. I know the system I am placed in does not provide as much safety as would be required. I also know you work under different terms. Your protective cover is universal, and is always available for those who ask for it. Sometimes we do not even have to ask for it, yet it is still there. That is written in all the good books. So here I am again asking for your protective care.

Enable me to have mental clarity. What good is a doctor if they cannot maintain their cool? I have experienced some of the tough things the system puts my mind through. How easy it is to forget important terms, how limited my mental capacity is and even how my body lets me down at times. Only you are in the position to give constant renewal, only you can fix what is beyond me. For all its worth, I ask for lucidity.

Clear my path of all nurse's, resident's or attending's malice. Yes, you are aware of how bureaucratic the medical system gets. Everyone can be edgy sometimes. For reasons best known to them and perhaps Satan himself, they lose all benevolence and get on a dreaded medic-annihilation rampage. It is for this reason that I pray for the safety of my neck.

Lastly, I ask you to take good care of all who I am in this journey with. Lecturers, fellow medics, friends and those I love. You know what they fear, all that drives them forward and everything that keeps them on course. It is said that you are omniscient and much as I am a man of science, I do believe that. So as you walk with me, I ask you to hold their hands too so we all move together.

When all is said and done, you are the sole reason for all this. Hence again, I thank you. It is said you work in mysterious ways, I believe that too. I will be waiting for a response, a sign, e-mail, text or maybe just a small inner voice: whatever it is, I will be waiting.

Yours sincerely,
The Bush Doctor


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