Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I love art. I view life as an art. After one is born they are deemed to be artists of sorts. The world is an enormous art collection, with people busy putting up different works in their individual galleries. After their time here is done, their works live on showing all they did when they were alive.

Indeed, every single experience is artistic. Before it happens, you the artist: are the person in a position to control the outcome. Your mind holds an idea; you have a brush, pencil, charcoal or oil paint in hand. Your canvas is right in front of you, waiting for you to etch out the moment. Whatever you decide to draw defines who you are. If you let your creative subconscious take over and your meticulous sense with it, the results become amazing. Everyone will like to see your beautiful art; it stays there forever sweeping all who look at it with awe. It becomes timeless, all who know you remember. Then you become immortal.

But when you fear and lose control, you just fumble and scribble. Whatever you put on canvas is too grotesque for your taste let alone that of others. No one remembers what you did, and it remains just that: a bad memory. So learn to take control of your life. It never matters what you did not do, just what you did. Be generous with your gifts and talents. Give life your all, and make paintings that you and those who come after will love and hold dear.

Lastly, imagine you are a beautiful white sponge, and you came across these brilliant pools of colored liquid. There is a red pool of passion, a yellow pool of knowledge, a green pool of gratitude, a pink pool of love and a purple pool of fun. Go ahead, deep your sponge toe in each of these pools and your color will begin to change. Rather than being a plain white sponge, you will be a multi-colored sponge filled with passion, knowledge, gratitude, love and fun. That is how to live friends, live life and in color.

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