Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I have been told that people tend to see the world according to their line of study or profession. Let’s take a tout for example. Most are uncouth, rude and disrespectful to say the least. They view passengers as commodities and don’t give a tad as long as they get their money. Their profession trains them to fold currency notes in between their fingers, cram human beings in every nook and cranny of an un-roadworthy vehicle, shout at the top of their voices to lure any prospective passengers and when police show up, run faster than Usain Bolt on cannabis leaving travelers dumbfound and stranded.
Closer home to the medical realm, knowledge how the human body works in health and disease has given my visual perception another dimension. Recently, I sat for this general pathology paper where the examiner asked something about Down’s syndrome and judging by the gibberish I amply concocted in answering, the P-Unit crew would sing twice that I was ‘Down tu sana’. I had to look up this disorder after the paper to learn its cause and its myriad of bizarre manifestations. To reinforce the knowledge, I have been practically combing the masses to meet a resembling fellow live and in color with no luck. So if you have an idea of the whereabouts of such a patient please get in touch.
The human anatomy is interesting. When a lady puts on high heels and strolls by, there is a lot to behold. For the normal man, either the wobbling looks funny, or your head and eyes are swaying to the cat walk spectacle. For men learning anatomy, things may just roll off differently. What they are likely to see is the hyper-extended talocrural and subtalar (ankle) joints leaving the foot in a position vulnerable to orthopedic accidents. Also, the gluteal and trunk muscles are working overtime to keep the trunk steady making the hips sway exaggeratedly giving the impression of a fish-tailing behind. And this is where the ordinary man sighs and exclaims, ’Oh, what a waste of a view!’
Persons who follow mobs and crowds are psychologically analyzed as having a low sense of self awareness. I had to experience this to prove the theory. I had gone for supper last Friday when a group of drunk and disorderly students walked in and ordered the management to shut the premises down. Reason; there was a ‘political’ meeting right outside and everyone ‘needed’ to be there. Now in my opinion, anyone who attempts to ruin my appetite for supper with the rationale of getting me to attend a gathering where a team of so called ‘politically correct’ people who have come together under the name of a piece of cutlery and are allegedly paid to cause chaos, is a retard. This is a low reasoning capacity and low sense of self awareness combined.
Lastly, there is this group of individuals that I find particularly interesting psychiatric specimen. The Al-shabab has raised the bar of ill reasoning by instilling dietary constrains in a hunger stricken country. Surely, how do you deny your countrymen the privilege of enjoying a samosa with the idea that its triangular shape is symbolic in a religion different from yours? I believe that come judgement day my diet shall not come to question. Let’s face it, regardless what you eat and except the thanksgiving prayer prior to ingestion, there is nothing religious about digestion: not even divine absorption, holy metabolism or sacred defecation. In fact, the future doctor in me would diagnose this as ‘idiocytosis’ (overwhelming levels of systemic idiocy)  and prescribe a lengthy stay at Mathari Hospital psychiatric wards for whoever came up with the lunatic idea and all those who seconded it!         

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